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Memory Full

The day is here

Farewells, drinks and tears
Last goodbyes are over
New hellos to begin

Boxes on a ship
Bags on a plane
Memories are forever carry-ons

Together for twenty years
We lived here
We arrived with two suitcases each
We return with boxes, bags and memories

Two wishes remained for me
See the city fog through my lens
And run five miles

Laziness lost to spirit
So I went
To see city through the fog

Squeezed a quarter mile run
Up the San Francisco hill
Five miles I couldn’t

I was ready to depart
I had to take one last photograph
I clicked
The camera announced
Memory Full

Published by Arun Muthu

In 2019, I relocated to India after having lived in California for more than two decades. These scribbles attempt to capture my observations at what I call home through a foreigner's eyes.

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